Owlbear Outfitters is dedicated to helping clients navigate the dangers of uncharted Khorvaire and Eberron-at-large. Whether charting sunken ruins below a city or the most untamed wilderness, no location is too daunting or far-flung for our staff of specialists. We assist clients in organizing and leading expeditions business, research, and leisure pursuits. Furthermore, we hire expert personnel with a range of skill sets to ensure that your expedition can successfully fulfill it’s objective, no matter what that may be. Interested parties can hire our services at The Owlbear’s Grotto in the Clifftop District of Upper Dura.

This campaign is based in the world of Eberron and will focus on the growth of the Owlbear Outfitters adventuring company. Currently, the company has it’s headquarters in The Owlbear’s Grotto, a taven in the city of Sharn’s Dura Ward.

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